S*Carpe Feline's

English Summary

My name is Susanne Johansson and I breed Maine Coons under the name S*Carpe Feline's. I am in the middle of life and live in the countryside about three Swedish miles north of Uppsala together with my husband. My three sons are grown up and have moved out. I work at the Swedish Veterinary Institute at the department of parasitology as a biomedical technologist performing daily diagnostics.

My life with cats began long ago and in particular Maine Coon cats took its start in 2001 when I bought my first Maine Coon: S*Maffialigans Ronja Rövardotter. Since then I have turned my focus to mostly foundation cats, as you can see among the breeding cats that I have these days.

Of course I do follow the health programme for the breed, so you can find the test results on my home page and in Pawpeds. If you have any questions about me, my cats and the plans I have for breeding don’t hesitate to send me an e- mail or make a phone call.

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